Jason Storey

PocketHunter - Devlog #6: Logging Encounters and XP


Another somewhat short-winded update today. I added an EncounterManager class to facilitate the logic behind the actual encounter. Currently It’s main function is to log the animal encounter to a file and to calculate and perform the take chance logic and then log the successful harvest of the animal to a file as well. These logs will be used later when we need to show a player all the animals they have encountered, where they encountered them, and which ones they successfully harvested.

I also quickly added a placeholder value for the Poacher Level which increases if you fail to harvest an animal, which in turn decreases your chances of encountering or harvesting other animals and increases the prices of items in that region from vendors and decreases the sale price of items you craft. At least until you have paid a fine to the region’s Game Warden to get back in good standing. This feature is something I am still tinkering with and will likely change around as I continue to develop the game and fine-tune the feel.

XP From Encounters

I’m starting to put together the bones of the Level and XP system. Animals that you encounter have a base XP value that you earn when harvesting them. This value ranges depending on the region your in and the animals rarity (each random encounter gets assigned a random rarity, these random rarities can be buffed with various in-game mechanics).

I still need to work out the formula for the leveling. Currently I’m expecting a max level of 50 and this is another area where I will be researching more to find a solid leveling formula to apply. Player level in the game controls when you gain access to new regions as well as higher level also improves probabilities of encounters.

, — Jan 23, 2024