Jason Storey

PocketHunter - Devlog #4: Save Slots

Simple update today. I built a simple game save system to function similar to the ones used on retro games. You have 4 slots that you can create a save for, giving you 4 different games to have active saves on. When the game starts for the first time your only option on the menu is New Game, clicking this copies the base game save json template file to data/saves/slot_1.json. The next time you start the game you will see Continue and New Game listed in the menu. Selecting Continue takes you to a screen showing your save slot (showing your character name and level) as well as the reamining 3 empty slots. From this screen you select your save and continue your game.

Once all 4 save files exist, your only option from the main menu is Continue. At this point you would need to go into one of your saves and delete it from the settings menu to be able to start a new game.

All of this functionality is controlled by a simple GameSave class.

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